Hey GoalTrainer!

Are you sick and tired of working your ass off in the gym but seeing little or no results?

Do you feel like you should lose more fat but does no healthy diet seem to help you out?

Are you trying to get more muscular while none of your plans actually seem work?

Then listen up carefully. This might be the ultimate solution for you…

Let’s face it: It’s super easy to go to the gym once or to go for a quick 10-minute run.

But you know that is far from enough if you truly want to get in the shape of your life.

You probably already experienced yourself how hard it can be to truly become as fit as you would like to be. To constantly feel healthy and happy, instead of ugly and crappy.

It’s a constant struggle which can be heartbreaking and sometimes even dangerous… At least, when you’re doing it on your own.

You already know you have to work out to get fit.

You already know you have to eat clean to stay lean.

But you also know very well how hard it is to always motivate yourself to do those things consistently…. But what if we told you there is another way? The GoalTrainer way.

We are here to tell you, you are not the only one who is struggling and that we are here to help.

Together we can FLY towards our goals and actually achieve long-lasting results and on this website, you will find how you can join us on the Epic journey of becoming the best version of yourself!


Welcome to the Official GoalTrainers family!

Just to be clear:

You are NOT looking at just one of your basic and mainstream city bootcamps.

This is NOT a part of something that refuses to help you outside of working hours.

And you are definitely NOT at the right address if all you want is about getting as buffed up as possible only to pump up your own ego.

Right now you are looking at the starting point of a community full of enthusiastic, strong and fit people from all over the world!

Within this community, you DO NOT rely on the opening hours of a gym, you DO NOT need expensive and complicated gym equipment and you DO NOT have to be strong or fit in order to start your fitness journey.

GoalTrainers are NOT about those stereotype gym-goals, where everything you do is devoted to lifting as much as you can and getting as big as possible…  Of course, if this is your goal, then that’s perfect, go for it! GoalTrainers look further than only your strength. Because, what is the use of getting strong, if you can’t even lift your arms above your head?

If you’d ask those buffed up guys in the gym, they’d say that what we do is impossible… And yet, people from over the world get results from it, every single day.

So how do we do that? How is that even possible?

It happens through the art and science that we call CALISTHENICS or Bodyweight Training.

We believe in the beauty of movement, we work out with the goal of getting a more functional body, giving our body the growth and strength which it’s made for.

We don’t have to lift 800 pounds, we don’t have to use complicated machines or expensive memberships or equipment. All we have to use is our own body in order to create a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.


We are not only getting stronger and amazingly energized… We are also, at the same time, getting fluid and functional with our own body. This is how we can FLY towards our goals in a team.


Your body is not made for sitting all day and deep down inside you know this is true. That’s why you started working out for a period of time, right?… Great news! This means you are already halfway there. Now, the only thing you need is some guidance and a motivating community which will give you all the information, tricks and guidelines you need in order to FLY towards your personal goals as well.


The GoalTrainers family is a community which provides people, just like you, with the exact tips, tricks, and guidelines necessary to make you healthier, quicker, stronger and sharper than ever before. Feel energized instead of tired. Feel amazing instead of sick all the time. Taking back control of your life, owning what is yours and inspiring the ones around you.

This is EXACTLY why you are looking at the right website for you. It does not matter at what level you start. You could be a beginner, advanced or an expert… The only thing you need to do is set up your goal, and reach out to get it. We can make your fitness easier for you, and we have products and services that we KNOW will change people´s lives.


We are the GoalTrainers, and we want you, to Come Fly With Us!



Nothing gives a better feeling, than an empty park, full of potential new goals to achieve!

What people think about us

I still feel the muscles burning from yesterday’s work-out.

It was my first GoalTrainers training. The coaches are enthusiastic, friendly and really want to help everyone achieve their goals.

Even after the training they were advising and learning new moves. I felt welcome from the beginning, thanks to the group and the Goaltrainers!

Normally, I’m not really keen about group training, I’m a little uncomfortable in it. And I don’t really find a connection.

At GoalTrainers it’s different, they’re very open and welcoming. Everybody accepts each other, and it’s actually fun to go. In the beginning, I wasn’t very fit, instead of feeling bad about it because of my fitness level. I was constantly being motivated and to get better. The positivity makes me really want to go to the training, even when I’m not feeling well.

What really counts for me as well as the progression I’ve made in my exercises, I’m feeling that I really made great progress, exercises are effective and efficient, and the coaching is great.

All together I’m verry happy to call myself a GoalTrainer!

Laura Hofenk

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