From a must to a desire

Over the years we’ve transformed countless people with their physical goals, creating beachbodies, getting more endurance and simply getting to know more like-minded people.

We’re creating a platform for more belief, faith and self-esteem. What your reason might be to build the best version for yourself, we’re here to hand you over the tools and transform your dreams and goals in to a real plan.


Nothing gives a better feeling, than an empty park, full of potential new goals to achieve!

What people think about us

I still feel the muscles burning from yesterday’s work-out.

It was my first Goaltraining. The coaches are enthusiastic, friendly and really want to help everyone achieve their goals.

Even after the training they were advising and learning new moves. I felt welcome from the beginning, thanks to the group and the Goaltrainers!

Normally, I’m not really keen about grouptraining, I’m a little uncomfortable in it. And I don’t really find connection.

At GoalTrainers it’s different, they’re very open and welcoming. Everybody accepts each other, and it’s actually fun to go. In the beginning I wasn’t very fit, instead of feeling bad obout it because of my fitness-level. I was constantly being motivated and tp get netter. The positivity makes me really want to go to the training, even when I’m not feeling well.

What really counts for me as well is the progression I’ve made in my exercises, I’m feeling that I really made great progress, exercises are effective and efficient, and the coaching is great.

All together I’m verry happy to call myself a GoalTrainer!

Laura Hofenk

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